Jolene's Designs

Well, It has clearly been a while.  And I have tone lots and lots and lots since I last posted. But I have been planning for a while on giving a shout-out to a lovely lady that I did a shoot for at the end of April.

Jolene Rollyson is an awesome designer, both clothing and interior.  I believe she is currently working at Anthropologie and we all know just how awesome their windows always look.  I personally have a hard time walking by Anthropologie without going in partly because of this and partly because they have an awesome store.

Anyway! I shot some of Jolene's designs for her senior portfolio and both the photographs and the dresses came out great.



The designer in her own dress!



I love the little peak of back!


Michelle was a wonderful model! I wish shewas staying local so I could take advantage of hertalent!


So there you have it!

Here is the lovely Jolene's own blog where she does indeed talk about her experience at Anthropologie and here is her portfolio where she displays her work!


I'm hoping to get on the blog thing on a more regular basis.  It's not like I am doing much of anything else this summer!