Things I Learned From My Internship, Part Ten (or I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty)+ Dance Like You Mean It

Things I Learned From My Internship, Part Ten (or I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty) + Dance Like You Mean It Make everyday fun in some way so you do not dread waking up.  For instance, take pictures of you work outfit everyday.

This may, at first, make you feel like a vain fool, but it brightens up your day when you get a nice comment and it encourages you to try, which is certainly important when your endgame is impressing people enough to give you a job.  It also is a nice record of every day of your internship. Something to look on in your dotage and say to your adopted grandchildren "see here, on this day I wore this outfit and got noticed by the editor of this magazine." Or something like that.

Obviously, not everyone is going to want to take pictures of their daily clothing choices, but you get the point.  Make everyday at least slightly different by setting a goal and recording it.  I can honestly say I did not wear exactly the same thing any of the days I worked at the lovely offices of Martha Stewart.  This may be unimpressive and extremely un-noteworthy to you, but I find some small sort of pleasure in it.  And should we not find pleasure in our internships, even while working our little tushes off to impress people?

And more Adventures of Mumsy, Naughty Nicki And I!

Saturday was a ridiculously fun day as we went on a cruise around Manhattan.  I should say this adventure began on Thursday when I called to book the tickets.  Joe, the voice on the other end of the phone, was very flirty.  He asked me what the occasion was and I told him just because we wanted to.  His response was "So life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  I did not know what to think of the kid at this point so I was just like sureeeeee.  He then asked if we would be "enjoying any alcoholic beverages" on the cruise so we could buy the tickets beforehand for a lesser price.  I was all like "heck yes, we drink alcohol" and he proceeded to tell me "I think I like you," which was interesting.  After this was all done, he was outlining a few ship rules.  "As this is a lunch cruise, the dress is semi casual, so a button down and slacks."

To which I replied, "I don't think I'm going to be wearing a button down and slacks," and he became extremely flustered.

I thought this cruise was sure to be a touristy, corny thing to do, but something all people who live in the city should do at least once.  You know, with one alloted alcoholic beverage and a mediocre buffet.

It turned out to be awesome.  Probably because we had an interesting group of people on the boat with us.  And when I say Interesting I mean Crazy.

We get there and are shown to our table. It was on the second floor (so I hauled Nicki up some stairs) and it was not by a window, but we could see the dance floor and out the windows across from us. This turned out to be the prime sitting spot as we could look over the railing at the goings on of the DJ and the people who interacted with her.  Before we figured out the wonderfulness of our tables location; however, our waiter came to get our drink order and to ask if we were here for any particular reason, an ongoing theme.  We repeated that we were just here to have fun, no particular reason, but my mum was visiting from NC.  He WROTE THIS DOWN and then flounced off.

Then came the food.  It was actually pretty delicious. Mashed potatoes, and salad, and salmon, and mac & cheese.  A carb lovers delight.  Then we got TWO desserts. TWO.

We then went outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the Statue of Liberty. This is us in front of the Statue of Liberty even though you cannot tell....

Then the fun began.  People had imbibed their alcoholic beverages (and probably a few more before they even boarded the boat) and they were loose and excitable.  The DJ fed on this and so did the crew. The waiters and waitresses actually came out and sang and danced.  It was corny, true, but great.

Then the crazy crowd got involved.

 This woman was hilarious.  She interpret danced all around that dance floor, and on it, and off it, and on the waiter a bit too.  We later found out she actually teaches dance classes, which does explain a bit about the large amount of dancing.

After that the DJ threw out some line dances, which basically forces everyone to get on the dance floor.  I did indeed dance. Sadly, these photos are on my mother's phone and I cannot get them to you, my loyal readers.  I'm sure you can use your imagination.  I was literally the only white girl on that dance floor and it was awesome.

I would like to believe that I held my own.

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