Every Congressman First Had to Be A Squire / by Adrienne Hess

Photo May 19, 6 43 21 PM

Even when you get a real, paying job you have to do silly things like slog lunch for 13 people across three avenues and five streets, or go get coffee for the office. I think I knew this generally, but not in any real sense until I actually had to do it. You have to go through the shit jobs before you can get to the ones that you actually like though. Its something pretty much everyone has to do. You also have to go through those shit jobs to figure out what exactly you want to be doing. Even with that, you may not figure out your exact path. My brother gave me a wonderful phone call last night and reminded me that "every congressman first had to be a squire" (no lie, those were his words). Moral of the story, those squires did have to do horribly stupid things like fun things three blocks and get coffee for 12 people for a meeting, but they did come out of it at the end of the day a congressman. What are some ridiculous things ya'll have had to do during your hike up the ladder?

It's something you have to keep in mind when you get up to NYC, or anywhere, and get your first job. You have to jump through hoops and serve your time, before you can get up to the bigger (not biggest) and start doing what your really want to do. So use the time you have at that job to build connections and learn as much as you can. Be prepared for anything and learn from everything.

On a different note, what would people like to know about hauling ass to NYC? And does anyone have suggestions for things to do up here?

Yesterday (after a leisurely morning doing pretty much nothing) I went to Central Park and sat on a rock and read fashion magazines. It was nice. I need to find some people who will do that with me though. Everyone out on the field with their friends looked like they were having a blast. I even found a person teaching a dance class in the square. It was very amusing. Video May 19, 6 29 21 PM As you can see, some dancers were better than others.

So let me know what you want to know about my experience, and your favorite places around the city. I'll check them out, and tell you my opinion.