Things I Will and Won't Miss About NYC: An Ongoing Project / by Adrienne Hess

Coney Island

So today is the day I leave NYC to go back to NC. I definitely have mixed feelings about everything, but I think I am making the right decision for now even if it ends up that I move back in a couple of years. So, I've made a list (lists are wonderful, and very calming, and something great to do when you're bored). Things I'll Miss About NYC - The few good friends I did make in the city - Opportunities at every corner - Creativity right beside those opportunities on each corner - Not worrying about going out and then driving because public transportation is always, at most, a 20 minute walk away - The thrill of living, and being, and meeting in the city - Parties every weekend. On rooftops. Sometimes even during the week. - Getting cat-called by nice looking men - Little Town NYC - My proximity to my cousin and to Boston (we had some really great times together and I'm going to miss seeing her almost every month) - Being largely autonomous - making my own decisions, which only affect me, whether they turn out good or bad. - Divas - The ridiculous amount of awesome shopping that can be done (although it's probably good that I will be far away from that) - Walking home and finding that the kids on the street have broken open a fire hydrant for their own water park fun - Being so close to the beach and not even having to drive there

Things I Will Not Miss About NYC - Having dirt kick up on the back of your legs (or formerly pristine white jeans) when it rains - Gross smells - Lack of A/C - Angry People - My small bedroom with not enough room between my head and the ceiling to turn on the fan (Given, I did have a loft bed) - Being so far away from family - Divas - 80 year old men leering at me on the way to my apartment - Divas looking at you like you are a ridiculously stupid person having no idea what you could have done to get that look (I'm sitting minding my own business, how could I possibly have offended you?) - The stress of keeping up (must go out, must succeed, must not sleep, must join groups, must join gym, must run for the subway, must not awkwardly make eye contact) - The stifling heat and humidity pushing down on you from hundreds of A/C units spitting out their lava onto the streets - Getting yelled at by random people on the subway (although that totally makes for some good stories)