The Devil's on Your Back / by Adrienne Hess

Photo May 19, 6 43 21 PM

Well. Today has been ridiculous. Got locked out of the apartment an hour before I needed to leave. Waited in suspense while my superintendent tried to open the door with a BJ's card. He actually did succeed (Scary but awesome).

Got into a cab, and then was let out on the side of Amsterdam (WHERE THERE ARE NO YELLOW CABS) because he did not take a credit card (and he wanted $73 to get to JFK).

The security guard at the church I was dropped off in front of came out and asked me if I was alright. She apparently saw the white SUV just deposit me on the side of the street. When I said i just needed a cab, she had pity on me and called for one. It was still $68, $13 more than a Yellow cCab would have ended up being, but at that point I was fed up and more than a bit antsy. The cab driver did not speak English and seemed a bit confused about where he was going.

Got stuck in traffic for 30 minutes.

Finally made it to the airport. The flight in front of me had "mechanical issues" and had to be moved, so mine got moved too. Made friends with a nice gentleman while I was waiting around. And he even went and found what gate my flight was leaving from, which was nice of him and in my eyes redeemed human kind a bit..

And now my flight is delayed for an hour....

I'd say the devil is trying to keep me down today, but God is definitely winning. I'll let you know how the rest of the day goes.

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