Things I Learned From My Internship, Part Two

Things I Learned From My Internship, Part Two (or Good Will in Truck Loads) Make your coworkers extremely sad to see you go, but happy you have an opportunity to get paid. This is done in a variety of ways, some of which we have already spoken of: a good attitude, willingness to do anything given to you, etc.  The more things you show yourself capable of, the more responsibility your coworkers will give you, which means you can then list those responsibilities as skills on your resume! I did a number of casting calls, finding certain photos for stories, researching copyrights, and finding out exactly who owned the license for some obscure illustration done in the 20's.  All of which I was able to twist to my own purposes and make myself look brilliant on resumes (for those who have not yet met me and therefore cannot know my brilliance in person).

My coworkers were behind this wholeheartedly because they wanted the best for me, and knew just what kind of job market it is out there in the big, bad scary world.  I knew I had worked hard and had gained respect so I had no qualms about leaving  (besides the fact that everyone I worked with was awesome). Which meant I had no qualms about conscripting those I worked with into giving me glowing recommendations.

Leaving on good terms with the people you work with is just as important as securing that all important first job.  The publishing and photography world is insanely small, chances are you will be speaking to those people again, no matter how you left that relationship.  Make sure you left it with a truck load or two of good will.

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