Things I Learned From My Internship, Part Four (Nepotism Works)

Things I Learned From My Internship, Part Four (Nepotism Works) Let's be honest with each other, Internships are all about networking; and making impressive new contacts. This is how you get a job in New York City. Nepotism is alive and thriving. You want that system to work for you, so you better work for it.


It was a hard choice between this picture:  and this one:, so I decided to just include both. But let's face it, the incest one is a lot more relevant.  And I am for it (you know, in a corporate sense).

There you go, Short and Sweet.

On a lighter note!

Today starts my long weekend away from my job.  This is pure awesomeness.  It is sad; however, that I do not get to see the family and extended family on this Easter weekend.  So my cousin and I (as we are the only two North Easterners) are consoling ourselves by spending it together.  There will probably be beer involved, perhaps a mimosa or two, and green bean casserole (my cousin has a thing for green bean casserole). She legitimately owns this dish:

Should be a good time.

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