The First Studio Time

So I've been in the studio before, but never to officially shoot for myself.  I'm always either modeling or assisting or pretending that I'm not officially there to shoot for myself. A couple weeks ago Taylor and I went in for our "first" time in the studio.  Taylor and I are studio partners.  Mainly because we are awesome, but also because there is a shortage of available times to shoot in the studio.  Our assignment was to shoot our studio assistant in three different kinds of lighting, but me being me and not knowing who he was at the time, I made other arrangements as well.  Nothing big. I just asked one of my friends to show up so I could fool around a bit and take some portraits of him if possible.

Well our assistant, Phil, is a nice fellow, if a bit on the quiet side.  Taylor and I might have frightened him a bit with our sarcasm and blatantly dirty jokes.  I think he is almost used to us now.  Though I do think he believes we are very, very odd.  So here are some of the photos for the shoot.  First Phil, and then Cody.

Here is Phil lit with only a softbox.


I'm sorry if it's a bit green.  Really it looks fine on my computer.

Now Phil lit with an umbrella.


For Cody, I strayed from what we were supposed to do for the assignment, mainly because it was not for the assignment....



Well Voila!