Boston 2015!!!

Last month I went on a wonderful trip to visit my cousin.  We went to Fenway Park and I had a freakin' flight of scotch which I have evidence of. Unfortunately, I did not take a ton of photos so there is not a lot of evidence of the beer crawl and the Boston Marathon except for iPhone photos.  There are certainly a lot of selfies though.... I am sorry for that.  Kind of.  

My cousin was amazing and found Boston Brew Tours, a service that drives you all around Boston in a big white van.  I promise it isn't as creepy as it sounds.  So we joined a group of 12 that were celebrating a birthday party and made our merry way around Boston's breweries.  We went to Sam Adams, Idle Hands, Meadhall, and Night Shift Brews.  The whole experience was awesome.  Not only did they let us sample amazing beer, but Meadhall fed us a very awesome meal. 

We went to Citizen Public House where I had an awesome brunch (that was definitely not vegetarian) and then I may or may not have tried a flight of whiskey.  Okay, I definitely did. Then onto Fenway Park where I saw my very first Boston Red Sox game and even bought a hat.  No it was not the insane Green Monster hat.  Sniz is an Orioles fan so she was disappointed in me being a Red Sox fan (I'm really a Cubs fan but we don't talk about that).  

The night before I had to leave we went to the North End for some amazing Italian food at Carmelina's before going to Mike's Pastry shop so I could bring my family back the best of cannolis.  

I can't wait to see Sniz again and/or go back to Boston.