Little Miss Muffet

For this shoot, I went up to visit a friend in Davidson and we decided it would be a perfect time to make her model for me.  She used to model all the time for me when i was just a wee Photo 1 student, so it was like old times.  We actually planned on getting up super early so we could take photos at dawn in the field by her house and at the dock.  However, we were not counting on it being completely overcast.  The dawn light was not as dynamic as we wanted it to be at all. Waking up at 4:30 am was a bust.  We continued to try to take photos though, moving on to the dock and trying to use the water as a natural reflector with no luck.  There were some alright pictures, but definitely not exactly what I was looking for.  

A nice dock picture.  Kelly got in the water and was a trooper.

We did take some nice pictures outside of Kelly's house before we went to get pictures, but definitely not the fashion editorial type we were striving for.  More of a portrait.

Kelly Portrait

We came back about five hours later when the sky had cleared and we had gotten some breakfast in us.  Good news was there was light, bad news was it was very bright light. So we worked with what we had. I ninjaed the reflector again.  At times I had it propped up with my knee and foot like I did for my Let the Wild Thing Out shoot and at other times I had it propped up between some cut down grain and my tripod or the chair we brought.


We also tried to do a nice floating picture with flowers also floating around her, but we didn't plan for it well enough, and I didn't think it out as much as I should have.  Her position was awkward for a floating pic.  All flat footed.  But we shall see.  Perhaps I will re-edit the picture and give her new feet or something.  Or perhaps we will just reshoot.


Despite these adversities, which accompany basically every shoot I should think, we ended up with some pretty nice photographs.

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