Family Vacation - Destin, Florida

Though Clint and my Dad couldn't make it this year (one off being a Marine and the other taking care of his own father), we had a pretty good family vacation.  It's hard to have a bad one when you're surrounded by pristine white sand beaches and water as teal and blue as I wish my hair was (#inspired).  Basically the beaches of Destin are my spirit animal, so pale the sun reflects off them and accessorized with anything remotely blueish.  See for yourself.  

Plus my little nieces aren't half bad as little models.  Silly little girls. 

We went on a badass dolphin cruise where we saw some dolphins but also had a lot of fun trying to keep our balance while dancing to the Spice Girls.  

We ate a ton of really good food from oysters at AJ's to a few gorgeous steaks between the four of us and even sushi at McGuire's; all of which I was too busy enjoying immensely to take any decent pictures of.  And we travelled all the way down the famous 30A Highway and back before deciding on one of the gorgeous beaches to spend our day at. We even stopped at the airstreams in Seaside which have all been converted into food trucks since their glory days of being offices for the architects in the area. 

And as usual the pictures of me are almost nonexistent.  Here's a few of me holding a camera courtesy of my mumsy...