Lori and Ryan Engagement

Though we didn't get to drag race, we did get the strip to ourselves for the engagement. Lori was mostly in the dark especially when we got there and they had just closed because of the rain (even though we called before we left and they said they were staying open).  She did have her suspicions; apparently Ryan was acting a little more lovey dovey than normal the night before. And after she told him how cool it would have been if he proposed at the drag strip they met at (its closed since then); he said, "It would still be cool if it was another drag strip rightttt?"  Way to be subtle there Ryan.   We did convince Lori we were going to take some pictures of the truck on the strip, though I think the gig might have been up when Ryan told her to get into the pictures. 

So, Ryan and Lori met at a drag strip and eight years later Ryan asked her to marry him at another one!