Constructing Domesticity

I'm trying to get on an actual posting schedule.  I will! I know I will! Hopefully. Anyway, I did a shoot with my friend Rebecca the other week and it was an adventure in an of itself.

I got the idea for this shoot as soon as I realized there was a house going up on the lot next to our house.  I had Rebecca come over about an hour before the workers usually left and we got her all pretty and did her hair in little ringlets and we were ready.

The workers; however, had other ideas and it took them another hour before they all packed up to leave.  During this time, Becca, my mother, and I went out to the other side of the house to take pictures in the woods.  These did not come out as good as I would have liked them too, but it was a way to spend time.  Mum painstakingly held my reflector mad of posterboard and aluminum foil up and she was very proud of herself when she saw the results.  She told me she wanted accolades so here they are! Ha.  This little outing; however, did have the unfortunate effect of causing all of Becca's ringlets to wilt since it was about 95 degrees.  We finished taking pictures and still the workers were hammering and being on site so we were unable to sneak on the property and make beautiful art.

We went inside to cool off, wait, (have a nice beer), and spy on the workers through the window.  We made up a few stories for them to pass the time as well.   We were about halfway cooled off (done with beer) when they started packing up to head out so we got prepared, gathered up my mother, my reflector, and my camera and prepared to walk nonchalantly over.

Our plans were spoiled again! My dog made a mad dash out the door and I, my mother, and my father had to drop everything (carefully) and give chase! (Becca tried, one must give her credit, but she was in four inch heels and a dress from the fifties soooooo...)

Dekker's Pretense at Innocence

Now, you have to imagine this is the most fun Dekker has had in a while and he will not go back easily.  He dodges and weaves around me, or straight up uses his hundred and ten pound bulk to plow by me.  Needless to say, he led me on a merry chase and was only caught when he had gotten tired (he's a bit lazy) and a lovely, good samaritan neighbor helped me corner him behind a truck. He was still very proud of himself afterwards.

We walked back to Becca teetering on her heels at the end of the driveway and returned Dekker to his abode.  Then we went to take beautiful pictures.  I wanted to get up to the top floor, but stairs had not been built yet, and the ladder had been bolted to the floor.  I am not kidding, bolted!  The pictures still came out great through! Here's what we got!

I hope you enjoy them!

Here's a link to my flickr as well!