There's Coffee at the End of the Tunnel / by Adrienne Hess


If you follow my instagram (username is addynik) then you know I'm on a shopping kick (and apparently a red kick). This is both awesome and extremely dangerous. Be prepared for lots of fashion posts. I'm trying to fit in all the shopping and tourist things and awesome NYC things within the next two weeks. Yep. Two weeks. I'm moving. More on that later. I even stayed out till 2 am Monday night, even though I clearly had to work the next. I have to get it all in before I leave, even if it means a minimal amount of sleep. The two pots of coffee I made the next day were not even enough to get me through the day, but we shall see how that pans out in actuality. We went out to celebrate my friend's 21st birthday. Jon and I were planning to leave by 12:30. Clearly, that didn't happen.

Here are Jon, Zach (birthday boy), Melissa and I. Courtesy of Jon and his amazingly long arms. You know there's no way we would have all fit in that photo otherwise.

Jon, Melissa, and I finally peaced out around 1:30am and left Zach with Renn and his own drunk devices. I didn't hear from Zach until well into the afternoon.

Onto more pressing matters! Like how I'm peacing out of New York. It was a pretty agonizing decision, which I probably waffled over for a good month and I'm still slightly unsure of it. I think it's what I need to do, but there are definitely pros and cons. I came to realize that though I love the big city, and the glamour, and the excitement that comes with it. I'm not entirely happy. I miss my family, who have always been a crazy large part of my life (not just because I lived with them). We have all always had a great relationship, and I count them as some of my closest friends, not just relatives. All in all, I have had a change of priorities. Although Fashion and Photography are pretty much my two and only true loves, they aren't worth it if I don't have a support network around me and people I enjoy spending time with.

My brother told me he was glad I was coming home. He was sad I was leaving NYC, as he knows how long I've dreamt about it, but super excited for us all to be able to get together again.

I'm hoping that a few of the job leads I've found will pan out (I'm really hoping one in particular will) and I'm not moving to NC only to be jobless for forever. I don't want to be one of those people living in my parent's basement all through their 20's. Although, my parent's do not have a basement, so I'm good on that front. But you get the idea.

If you have job leads, feel free to send them my way.

On a side side note. I think NYC has distorted my sense of what is an acceptable amount of money to pay for an article of clothing.