Things I Learned From My Internship, Part Three (or How To Be a Nerdy Overachiever) + What I did today (Be jealous)

Things I Learned From My Internship, Part Three (or How To Be a Nerdy Overachiever)  + What I did today (Be jealous) Come into the office even when you do not have to. If you get sick and miss one of your three days a week, tack an extra day onto your three-day work week (I mean really) and come in on a Friday.  What else are you going to do anyway? Explore every nook and cranny of New York all alone? No, probably not, you're going to sit in your apartment and catch up on the latest season of Game of Thrones.

I am not going to lie, I enjoyed going into Martha Stewart, even when I was supposed to have a day off.  I got put to work, which made me feel like I was not wasting my day away, and I got to learn new things. Not to mention I was hanging out with some pretty cool people while I was working there.  Would I get to hang out with these people if I was not at Martha Stewart? No, because they are (semi) responsible adults with jobs.

I know that my supervisor was extremely impressed when I came in on a Friday after missing two days (due to an extremely horrible bout of food poisoning).  It will make you look brilliant and shiny, which will in turn make your supervisors want to A) keep your shiny around and start paying you, or B) if that's not an option, share your shiny with their friends in other companies where you can actually get paid.

In Other News

Today I met a male model who shot with Bruce Weber, which is pretty freaking awesome. Model was, as one would guess, very cute, but also very flirtatious.

He asked if I was going to go out to drink “the first cocktail of the day” at about 2 o’clock. In my place of work. With my boss five feet away.  I thought about saying “Is that an offer?” but I thought it too late…  Actually, I think my boss would have approved.

Also today my boss found out I was the daughter of two architects.  She said, "that explains so much."  Apparently, my ability to articulate things well and my cultured ways made her wonder who my parents are.  I am sure that they had something to do with my articulation and my cultured nature, but I never knew that it explained my whole personality.  Apparently it does.

Thank you parents for brainwashing me into who I am today. Yes Dad, Frank Lloyd Wright is my favorite architect. And yes Mom, we can go to the Guggenheim when you come up to visit.


Obligatory Picture of Fallingwater                   Obligatory Picture of the Guggenheim

Freaking Awesome Lego Guggenheim

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